Samsung galaxy s4 crash reboot

Jut replace this card with a new one. If however the issue still persists then I suggest you backup your phone data then do a factory reset. We support every Android device that is available in the market today. Contact us using this form. If we were able to help you, please help us spread the word by sharing our posts with your friends. Tried turning it off and it just restarts and repeats the song and freezes. I took to Samsung guy at Best Buy. I lost all my pics, etc. This morning, it froze up again, just like before Do I need to have it wiped clean again? I am not exactly savvy with technology and this is frustrating.

Should i just get a new phone? Hardware problem? My Samsung Galaxy S4 is behaving really weird. Whenever I turn on 3G data on my phone, it starts crashing. The wallpaper changes to default, the apps such as browers,etc.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Freezing and Rebooting

Hi, My Samsung Galaxy S4 is behaving really weird. It is working perfectly fine on Wifi. I have already done a factory reset but the problem still prevails.

How to fix Samsung Galaxy S4 that keeps turning off on its own & other power related problems

Can somebody help me out please? When I woke up one morning and turned on my phone, the phone froze and rebooted. It then rebooted itself countless times that day. I went to the Sprint store and the man says he knows the problem. But he is obligated to go through a series of testing even though he knows it will not fix it. I believe that there is a hardware component or circuitry in the phone that failed. Maybe it was overheated or burned something out. I found out about this app from a forum on a Google search for Note 4 rebooting.

I loaded this app on to the phone and set it for level 4 - Partial Wake Lock. It does it by not allowing the CPU to rest and fall in to sleep mode. But when I change batteries and try to reboot - either it will just not restart.

Or it will get into a rebooting loop. But it may turn off without rebooting even when the battery has plenty of power left. Go to Solution. Upon collecting my repaired Note4 the Samsung Premium Support Center put in a new motherboard for Euro , I turned it on, and the screen went black with odd colored stripes on random locations.

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S4 That Keeps Rebooting or Stuck in Boot Loop

Carefull inspection showed that the screen had been broken. So, the Samsung Premium Support Center put in a new motherboard, but broke the screen in the process. They won't make me pay for replacing the screen, but I have to wait for another couple of days. They did give me a replacement phone this time though. I asked the technicians of two Samsung Premium Support Centers about this issue.

Unfreezing Your Phone

Both technicians confirmed off the record though that there were "quite some" Note4's with this issue, and yes, more Note4's than any other device. I'll get 3 months of warranty on this reparation. You'll get it for only euro! I'll never buy Samsung again! I have note 5. Second phone, first one died no reason. Would not do anything. Received replacement note 5. After first week, it started shutting down, or restarting, just few minutes ago it locked up.

Never did that before. I to have done factory restart last night etc. I like the note phone. But after this mess, I will be looking else where. Add to the above comment. I did another factory reset. This time I didn't log into Google. By pass it. When I finished phone setup, a update came on for nugget upgrade. The phone already had nugget. Allowed to install. Phone is operating now for 14hrs with now issues. Been slowly adding some of my missing apps. Longest the phone has gone is 33 hrs without issues. That was sometime ago.

I will update this later. I had same symptoms with my phone as everyone described here. Tried again Same sh1t My guess memory fails every time. I have a Note 5, I used odin to change firmware. Much easier program to work with.

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I to had same restrarting issues or shutting down. I also tried to wakelock program, the programed helped but would not resolve the issue. I was starting to realize maybe this phone was just no good. When I go on camera to take a photo if the real camera is on it works, but when I switch to front camera the screen either shows what the last thing the back camera was facing or when I go off camera and back on and the front facing camera is on it will just be a black screen. My phone is still in the guarantee, should I get a new phone or replace the battery. Most often, service providers and retailers allow only a day grace period to replace your phone with a new unit.


So, the option of getting a new phone is out of the question if your unit is more than 15 days, which I believe it is. I am not sure how many times the phone turns off or reboots on its own everyday but if it happens twice or three times already, the firmware may have something to do with it. In this case, the first thing you should do is to try the soft reset battery pull. However, if the problem occurs many times a day, say 5 times or more, it surely is a battery issue. Hi, I updated by Samsung Galaxy S4 recently and since then it keeps shutting down on its own and restart. There are instances when the phone freezes for several seconds to a minute I think , then it will reboot.

I still have more than six months left in my contract before I can upgrade so, basically, I need to get the most of this phone. I need your expertise on this. Thank you!

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Any help will surely be appreciated. As I said earlier, corrupt caches and data in the system may greatly affect the performance of the phone. In fact, many users experienced reboots and auto shut down after firmware updates especially major ones. After the procedure, closely observe your Galaxy S4 to know if the problem was fixed. If not, then you have no other option but to perform a master reset. The reset will fix the problem for sure, otherwise, you need someone who knows how to manually flash a firmware and have it reinstalled on your phone.

Then, the phone will freeze and hang sometimes. But most of the time when those errors pop up, the phone will reboot. The fact that there are errors that keep popping up is evident some apps have conflicts with the firmware. If the errors still show and the phone still reboots, it means the problem is with the firmware and the master reset step-by-step instructions above can fix it.