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If you saved Alvin, he will still be there. After connecting some cables and putting a CD, Clementine is able to get the speakers working really loud. Determinant Alvin comes close to her, in a really bad shape, and opens a drawer to get a gun. He says it's ironic that a man like Carver would have such a little gun, and says he wants to do a "good last thing", before he dies and kills one of Carver's men.

Clementine gets out and goes to the stockroom, where the group is with Carver. Clementine jumps on Carver or shoots him in the cheek if you grabbed the gun in the drawer and Luke takes his gun. Luke asks what he should do with Carver but Kenny shoots Carver in the knee. Kenny grabs a crowbar and ask everyone to get out because they don't need to see this.

At first most of them don't want to kill him like that, but everyone goes out except Rebecca. You can choose to:. Stay to watch: He then goes out with Clementine and Rebecca. Rebecca then grabs Carver's pistol off his corpse. Go with Sarita: Clementine follows Sarita out. Carver will say to her that he knows she wants to watch. But Clementine exits the stockroom calmly.

Clementine applies the blood to Sarah's back, with the help of Carlos. He does the same for Clementine. Suddenly, Troy gets out to see the group escaping only to get furious. While Luke reaches for an assault rifle,Troy notices him and threatens to shoot him if he tries anything.

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Jane intervenes by calmly approaching Troy while holding a gun and attempts to sweet talk him by proposing to run away together, which Troy agrees after a while. While off guard Jane shoots him in the crotch, takes his assault rifle and leaves him to be devoured by walkers. As they prepare to enter the herd Jane will speak to the group on how to act in a herd.

While the group is walking amongst the walkers, Carver's group starts to shoot at the walkers from the rooftop to protect the community. Because of all the tension Sarah starts to panic and Carlos asks Clementine to calm her down as she is her friend. Suddenly, Carlos is shot in the neck by one of Carver's guards who mistakes him for a walker and is then bitten by some walkers in which causes his death.

As Sarah witnesses her father's death, she starts to scream, her cries attracts walkers and then runs away. After managing to kill a couple of walkers, Clementine hears Sarita's cries, and then realizes that she's being attacked by a walker, which is biting her wrist. Clementine will then go to Sarita's aid, prompting two choices:. Cut Sarita's Arm: Clementine will hit Sarita's arm twice, severing it. Sarita will then be holding her bleeding arm in horror, as she screams the episode ends violently.

Cut Walker's skull: Clementine will hit the walker's skull, releasing it from Sarita. Then Sarita will look at her bitten hand in pain and then at Clementine in worry. If you hacked Sarita's arm off: He is able to kill all of the walkers, but Sarita collapses and is already dying of blood loss. Kenny becomes angry at Clementine, blaming her for what happened to Sarita, and tells her to stay away from both of them. Clementine will then have to choose to either axe Sarita to end her suffering, or persuade Kenny to leave. If the latter is chosen, Kenny still refuses to leave, and Clementine can choose to axe Sarita or do nothing.

Doing nothing will result in Kenny leaving Sarita to reanimate. Kenny is still angry at Clementine and blames her even more with increased hostility. Mike grabs Kenny, and the two run off, leaving Clementine behind to escape on her own. If you killed the walker that attacked Sarita: Sarita will panic at the sight of her infected arm.

Kenny and Mike arrive to assist, and the three escape the herd together, though Clementine is left behind to escape on her own. This next part is non-determinant and happens regardless of how you rescued Sarita: Clementine gets left behind and manages to fend off some walkers by herself. Regardless, both Luke and Nick escape into the forest after Sarah. Clementine kills more walkers as she searches for her group, applying more walker guts on her in the process. Clementine can shout for Kenny, Luke or keep quiet, but someone grabs her from behind. Rebecca is thankful that she found Clementine and tells her that Luke was with her but was separated from him.

Not so long afterwards, the two realize that they have to get out from there; Clementine sees an opening far ahead, and so they both attempt to run forth to escape, only to be surrounded once more and retreat back to where they were. Jane suggests they spread out in order to avoid getting caught and Clementine could say she agrees with Jane, or stay with Rebecca's side. In either choice, Jane returns to where she left Clementine and Rebecca, and devises a plan to help them to get through the herd. Jane then asks Clementine to get a walker's attention so that Jane could use it as a "cow-catcher".

Jane uses the walker as a camouflage and pushes through the herd, with Rebecca and Clementine walking behind her. The three manage to successfully escape the herd into the forest. She notes that her pregnancy is increasingly draining her energy, and Clementine is seen to be visually concerned about Rebecca's well being. Rebecca thanks Jane for saving them back at Howe's Hardware, but Jane also allows Clementine to receive some of the credit. Jane persists to keep them moving forward, but allows Rebecca to rest for a minute when she asks. A conversation about Rebecca's baby ensues, and when Jane asks about what she will do with the baby, Rebecca takes offense, even though Jane apologizes.

They discuss the fact that Nick, Luke and Sarah are yet to arrive at the meeting place, and that Kenny is sitting nearby seemingly broken. Mike states that Kenny flipped out when he attempted to talk to him, and so Mike and Bonnie suggest for Clementine to talk to Kenny and see if he is okay. Kenny is heard talking about Sarita and asking for her forgiveness as Clementine approaches. As Clementine talks, he remains silent and becomes hostile towards her, stating that just because she is a little girl, it does not mean people will not care if she gets someone killed and that being sorry is not enough.

He becomes increasingly hostile, and this forces Clementine to back out and leave him alone. She returns to the others and continues to discuss their plan of action, with Mike being skeptical about bringing a baby into this world without food or water. As a result, Jane volunteers to search for them, asking Clementine to go along with her. Rebecca thanks Jane for this decision, and the two head out into the forest. While walking, Jane says how she is not sure they will be able to find Sarah or the others, but Clementine can choose to disagree.

Either way, Jane will mention that Clementine must be smart, otherwise she would not have made it this far. The two discuss whether or not being in a group is the best option, and if surviving on ones own is the more pragmatic solution, ending with Jane giving Clementine some advice about her group, claiming that it is "cracking" and won't last for much longer with only "broken decisions". Jane then reveals more of her previous life with her sister, Jaime, recalling the memories of having a little sister and annually visiting an amusement park in Virginia during the Summer. Jane teaches Clementine to make sure the walkers are dead, and that only fresh walkers contain useful loot.

They search the walkers and discover bullets and a nail file. Further, when they push a walker corpse to the side, Clementine discovers Sarah's glasses on the ground underneath the walker, signalling that Sarah had once been here. Clementine can call out for Sarah's name, or discuss what to do with Jane, but before they decide what to do, Sarah's screams are heard from within the trailer park, as well as Luke's voice. Together, they discover a hole in the fence allowing entry into the trailer park, but If saved in "A House Divided" they discover that a zombified Nick is caught in the fence.

Jane requests that Clementine should be the one to end him, which she does so momentarily afterwards with three hatchet blows. Jane gives Clementine more advice not to hesitate if she has to do this to other members of her group, and she also gives her a more agile weapon - a scratch awl. After entering the trailer park, they discover two walkers close by.

Clementine defeats one of them, and Jane decided to attack the other, while also demonstrating a new tactic to Clementine; to kick the walkers in the knees and then stab them in the back of the head. They press onward and discover two more walkers blocking view of a trailer where Sarah and Luke are hiding. As they advance towards these walkers, Clementine gets caught by a nearby walker that jumps on her. Clementine manages to defeat this walker as Jane takes care of one of the other walkers. Clementine finishes off the last walker, using the tactic that Jane just taught her, to which Jane will be pleasantly surprised and merit her use of the tactic.

Ahead, they find the trailer park where Sarah and Luke are hiding, but discover that the trailer is surrounded by walkers attracted to Sarah's screams. The two decide they need to find a way to lure the walkers away, and Clementine decides to use the horn of a nearby car to do so. Together, they drag a walker corpse to the vehicle and leave it on top of the steering wheel, creating the monotonous horn sound which manages to successfully attract the walkers away from the trailer.

Jane and Clementine quickly enter another trailer to the side in order to get around to Sarah and Luke's trailer. However, there are two walkers which they must dispose of first, which they do so with ease. The two manage to reach the outside of Sarah and Luke's trailer, but discover the door to be locked. It turns out that the walker that was left on the steering wheel had fallen off, resulting in the horn being silenced and the walkers beginning to return to the trailer in which Sarah is screaming.

Running out of time, Clementine attempts to open the door while Jane defends her from the walkers. Clementine eventually manages to break open the door by kicking it down, and once inside, the two immediately pull over furniture to block the door from walkers. Luke then explains the situation, and that Sarah had run to this trailer park for shelter and hasn't moved since.

Clementine rushes over to find Sarah huddled in the corner of a room in shock, presumably over her father's death. Clementine attempts to talk to her in order to get her to move, but time begins to run out as the trailer is surrounded by walkers. Luke notes that the only exit is now a skylight. Walkers begin to break the main door down, and Jane rushes to help block it, also asking for Luke's help in doing so. After failing to get Sarah to move, Clementine will go help Jane and Luke, looking for something they could climb on top on to reach the skylight.

It turns out that the furniture they used to block the door is the only item they can use to do so, and together they quickly move it over to where the skylight is, with Jane defeating the attacking walkers that can now easily walk through the door. Luke is the first to exit the skylight, and it is then up to Clementine to convince Sarah to leave or to let her stay. If she convinces her to leave, Clementine will ultimately have to slap Sarah in order to get her to move through the skylight, but if she leaves Sarah, the latter will start screaming for Clementine and become engulfed by walkers as Clementine and Jane exit through the skylight.

Depending on Clementine's choice, all four, or only three of the survivors can return to Parker's Run. On returning, they discover that Rebecca is in increasing pain from her pregnancy, and that Kenny is residing within a nearby tent.

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Clementine decides to talk with Kenny and asks for his help with Rebecca's pregnancy as Kenny is the only person that has had experience with a birth in the past. Kenny, although resentful at first, agrees to help. The group decides to look for supplies and a safe shelter nearby, and so Jane goes towards the local observation deck and gift shop, while Bonnie and Mike head towards a nearby museum. Clementine will ultimately go with Jane to the observation deck. Upon reaching the deck, Clementine will find Jane sitting on a bench, and the two will discuss the situation more whilst walking to the observation deck.

At the top, they discover an ideal safe location for Rebecca to give birth, however, it is locked under a padlock and will take some time to open. The man climbs to the top and attempts to stuff a bag into a garbage bin, but Clementine startles him by talking to him. The man reacts with hostility and points his gun at her, saying he will not hesitate to shoot her. As Clementine begins talking to him, Jane sneaks up behind him and disarms him, forcing him to drop his bag. The man reveals his name to be Arvo, and Clementine discovers the bag to be filled with medical supplies.

Clementine can choose either to keep the supplies for themselves, or give them back to Arvo. Either option will result in Jane threatening Arvo to never come to this area again, before sending him away. Jane returns to breaking the padlock while Clementine returns to Parker's Run. She discovers that Rebecca is in great pain, and can offer her the medicine she acquired If she chose to steal it from Arvo to ease her pain, to which she is grateful. Kenny will question the fact that Bonnie and Mike still aren't back from the museum, and he suggests that Clementine should go and check up on them, to which she agrees.

If Sarah was saved from the trailer park, Clementine can talk to her, and Sarah will claim that she is waiting for Carlos to come back, making Clementine appear visibly worried about Sarah. After the conversation, Clementine will continue towards the museum. On arrival, she finds Bonnie and Mike squabbling due to finding no supplies yet, but welcome Clementine to join in their search. Clementine manages to discover a Civil War Confederate coat that could be used as a blanket. She also later discovers two water barrels in a locked room. Bonnie and Mike join her, as she manages to open the window gate partially, allowing herself to squeeze through into the other room to unlock the door.

To her shock, Clementine gets stuck half-way through, but suddenly a walker rises up from the locked room and grabs Clementine. Mike begins to kick down the door as Bonnie attempts to pull Clementine out. If Clementine refuses to squeeze through, Bonnie will reach in the window gate in an attempt to unlock the door, and she gets grabbed by the walker instead, which will result in her getting her head hit, leaving a bruise around her eye.

Mike manages to successfully kick down the door and knocks down the walker which Clementine then finishes off. Mike grabs the water barrels, and as they head outside, Bonnie notices a raccoon. The trio suggest capturing it and eating it later. After trying to capture it, the raccoon heads outside where it is revealed to have a family, and Clementine can either show that she is content or disappointed that it managed to escape.

The three then head back to Parker's Run with the water barrels and coat. As they return, Rebecca begins screaming in pain, attracting a herd of walkers nearby. The group quickly try to move Rebecca to the safer observation deck that Jane was working on earlier. Kenny and Mike if Clementine asks Mike to help will fend off the approaching walkers as the others get Rebecca away.

Upon arriving at the observation deck, Clementine discovers that Luke and Jane had just finished having an affair, and Luke becomes shocked when Clementine arrives.

Walking Dead: The Game - Season 2

Kenny instantly snaps and becomes hostile towards Luke as it was Luke's job to be on the lookout for walkers. Regardless, the walkers begin to climb the observation deck, and the group prepare for it. Kenny stays with Rebecca and deals with her birth, while the others secure the gate to ensure the walkers are unable to enter the deck. However, the gate begins to break, and Luke asks for Clementine to find something they can use to block the gate.

She decides to use a nearby cannon to secure the gate, and Luke helps her wheel it over, but to their horror, the increased weight of the cannon causes a portion of the deck to collapse underneath them, causing both Sarah and Jane to topple over, as well as several walkers. Luke manages to clasp Jane's arm, but Sarah is trapped on the ground underneath piles of rubble and is unable to escape. Clementine can either help Jane up, or ask Jane to rescue Sarah.

If the latter or silence is chosen, Jane will drop down and attempt to lift the rubble off of Sarah. However, a plank from the damaged deck falls and dazes Jane, causing her to stumble away, and by the time she regains consciousness, the walkers are already devouring Sarah. Alternatively, if Clementine chose to pull Jane up, then Sarah will be devoured regardless.

Jane manages to get herself back onto the top of the deck as Clementine watches in sorrow at the death of Sarah. Rebecca continues screaming from giving birth as Jane apologizes for the death, but she quickly notices that the walkers are using the collapsed deck to climb up towards them. Clementine or Luke will quickly decide that they need to collapse the rest of the deck, to which Clementine discovers that she could collapse it if she cut the remaining cable with her hatchet.

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Mike boosts her up in order to reach the cable, and Clementine manages to dislodge the mechanisms after three swipes, causing the remainder of the deck to collapse and crush the walker herd. The group quickly scurry and return to Rebecca, only to discover the lifeless baby in Kenny's arms. However, as the child seems lost, it begins to cough and breathe, and so the group retire for the night within the observation deck. Later that night, Clementine talks with Rebecca about her baby, and offers Clementine to hold him, to which she can accept or decline.

Kenny will then arrive and offer to look after the child for the night in order to allow Rebecca to get some rest. They will then decide the next plan of action, with Kenny suggesting that they head out northwards in the morning, but Luke disagrees, claiming that Rebecca is in no state to travel and that they should leave after a couple of days. Clementine can decide which options is to be taken, before she heads out onto the remaining small portion of deck to find Jane escaping.

The two have a final conversation, with Jane giving Clementine some useful advice about survival, as well as offering the nail file to Clementine which she can accept or decline. Jane then takes off, as Luke comes to ask Clementine how she is doing. Luke breaks out in anger as he discovers that Jane had fled without saying goodbye, and Kenny arrives to continue arguing with Luke as the night ends.

When the group decide to leave, they head northwards as the location becomes coated in snowfall. Rebecca becomes visibly weak and collapses, halting their travel as she rests on a car tire. As Kenny and Luke persist arguing over the decision to leave earlier or later, the man that Clementine and Jane attacked earlier arrives, along with three other Russian people that hold Clementine's group at gunpoint.

The man, Arvo, will ask where Jane is, and when Clementine tells him that she had left, Arvo believes it to be a trap, causing both groups to become hostile and aim guns towards one another. Clementine begins to hear the sounds of a walker, and turns in a horrified glance to find that Rebecca had died and zombified in mere minutes, still holding the baby in her arm. Clementine can either decide to shoot her, or call out for help to which Kenny will then shoot her.

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Either option will result in the groups being startled and the episode ending with several gunshots being fired. The ultimate episode of Season Two opens with Clementine regaining her senses while on the ground. While Arvo is trying to resuscitate his sister, Kenny shoots at Vitali and Buricko fires at and hits Mike in the arm.

Mike then takes cover with Bonnie and hides from more bullets. Clementine then notices Rebecca's baby lying on the snow, and has the option to grab it or run for cover with Luke, who is being fired upon by Buricko. Go for Baby: Clementine manages to reach the baby then enlist herself into cover next to Luke while being shot at. After Clementine hides, Luke will then attempt to move to her, but get shot in his leg in the process. Take Cover: Clementine will immediately go for the low wall Luke is hiding behind. After scanning the environment, Luke will notice the baby and run for it.

He successfully reaches the baby and then runs back for cover with Clementine, but gets shot in the leg while running. Regardless of Clementine's choice, Luke will be vulnerable on the ground as Buricko prepares to fire again. Before he can finish Luke off, however, Kenny kills him via a bullet to the head. Vitali then tries shooting at Kenny again, so he responds by taking Arvo hostage.

While Kenny is demanding that Vitali reveal himself, Arvo's sister, Natasha, reanimates and attacks Clementine, though Clementine manages to put her down unscathed. Arvo breaks free of Kenny's grip, knocking the latter down. Vitali then moves in to kill Kenny, but Jane comes from behind and stabs him. While Vitali chokes on his blood, Kenny appears and ends his suffering.

With no casualties aside from Rebecca, who the group mourns over following Vitali's death, Kenny attempts to kill Arvo, but the group and Clementine Determinant talk him down for the chance of food. Arvo then leads the injured group through the forest until nightfall, where the group discovers an abandoned Power Station at which they decide to spend the night in around a fire.

After scouting the area with Jane, Kenny returns and orders the group to tie Arvo up, insisting that the Russian is not to be trusted. The group reluctantly agrees to his command, and they leave Arvo out in the cold for the night while they huddle around the campfire. Luke reveals that he believes it is his birthday or some time close to it. Bonnie conjures and bottle of rum, of which she gives to Clementine to attempt to lure Jane and Kenny back to the fire. At dawn, the group sets out again to find Arvo's haven.

After a long period of walking while holding Arvo at gunpoint, Kenny is attacked by a zombie from behind. After Clementine saves him or he saves himself with a bullet, the group reaches a frozen lake, which Arvo claims that the Unfinished House across the lake is his hideout. The group ultimately decides to attempt to cross the ice, further prodded on by a small herd of walkers that have taken notice of them.

Minus Luke, Bonnie and Clementine; the group successfully reached the other shore of the frozen lake, but drawn to the sound of cracking, both Clementine and Bonnie stop and see Luke on top of thin ice with cracks surrounding his feet. Help Luke: Clementine will go towards Luke with him telling her not to and the ice cracks making them both fall.

Clementine sees Luke get dragged under by a walker before Jane pulls her up. Luke drowns. Cover Luke: Clementine shoots all of the walkers approaching while Bonnie tries to go over to help Luke, but the ice cracks. Both Bonnie and Luke will fall beneath the ice as Clementine looks at the crack in shock. Clementine then responds to a soft banging nearby, which is revealed to be Luke trying to escape. Clementine can either attempt to crack the ice, which will prompt everyone else to yell for her to stop, or let Luke drown.

If the latter is chosen, Clementine will see Luke run out of breath and sink out of view. If Clementine successfully breaks the ice, though, she falls beneath it and finds Luke's corpse in front of her before Jane fishes her out of the water. Bonnie will manage to pull herself out of the water through the hole that Clementine made. Jane lifts Clementine up and rushes her in the half built shelter Arvo was talking about Unless you didn't save Bonnie then you just walk to the house.

While Jane is looking for something to start a fire with, Kenny starts yelling at Arvo on how it's his fault and how he was lying. Mike and the group try to support Arvo but Kenny punches him in the face and starts hitting him. Clementine will break up the fight but is accidentally hit by Kenny, or alternatively Mike will get involved and pull Kenny off. After the scuffle, Jane comes back with food and tells Kenny that Arvo wasn't lying at all. Kenny regrets his actions but ties Arvo up for the night.

The group goes to sleep in the shelter. Clementine wakes up and sees Mike talking to Arvo about how Kenny wasn't right for doing that to him. Jane tells Clem that Kenny is outside trying to fix a truck that he found. Kenny requests for her help outside. She then helps Kenny try to fix the truck but it doesn't work. The two talk about possible locations to go to when it is fixed and how much longer AJ has to live. Kenny tells Clementine to go back into the house after another failure to fix the truck.

Jane tells Clementine that she has to watch out for Kenny and that sooner or later she will have to make a decision on whether to leave him or continue with him. They both look outside and see Kenny got the truck up and running. When they're outside, along with Mike and Bonnie Determinant who heard the engine start, they have a debate on where to go.

They prolong their decision by requesting a night to sleep on it. In the middle of the night Clementine hears something outside. When she goes to investigate, she sees that it's Bonnie Determinant , Arvo, and Mike trying to escape with the truck. Mike will try to take the gun from Clementine, of which she can threaten him with or give it to him. Mike eventually reaches Clementine anyway, but drops the gun. Arvo panics at this and puts a rifle bullet in her shoulder. Clementine starts passing out when Kenny comes outside yelling at the group.

She jolts up from her "nightmare" and Lee tells her everything is alright. Clementine will ask about Duck and Lilly before Lee finally says "Part of growing up is doing what's best for people you care about Even if it means hurting someone else. Clementine wakes up in the back seat of the truck with Kenny, Jane, and AJ. Kenny informs her that the rest of the group left on foot with Arvo. Kenny and Jane start arguing about the safest location so go to. The argument gets heated when Jane starts telling Kenny how everyone hated him and feared him including Sarita and his past family.

The road stops with cars and debris in the way. Kenny gets out and tells them to wait when they hear gun shots. They try to drive away but crash. Jane takes AJ and leaves Clementine alone in the blizzard. With the group split up and the blizzard beginning, Clementine is left alone wandering aimlessly with walkers near her until she reaches a stop where Kenny was hiding in. Jane arrives but without AJ, which enrages Kenny whose motive was keeping the baby safe. Jane tells Clementine to stay away from the fight that's about to occur.

Kenny starts swinging at Jane and they start fighting. Clementine has the option to pry them apart at several moments in the fight. Jane cuts Kenny with a knife and pushes in his injured eye. Clementine is pushed onto the floor with a gun next to her after Kenny takes Jane's knife and attempts to stab her. Realizing that there would be no peaceful resolution to this conflict, Clementine makes a heartbreaking decision. There are a total of 5 different endings you can receive from your actions in "No Going Back. Throughout all of these endings, the only constants are the survivals of both Clementine and A.

The game first started at a gas station in Georgia. Soon after two years, Clementine and Christa made their way to North Carolina, where they are trying to survive and to find Wellington, a community that may be running. Soon after Clementine was separated from Christa and finds a cabin group, they stay in the cabin until a man named Carver finds Clementine and knows that the survivors live in the cabin.

They are forced to go into the mountains of Virginia, where Clementine finds her lost friend, Kenny in Season 1, where he went missing since. Soon, they leave and walk for a few days, possibly still in Tennessee or went into Kentucky. After Clementine is shot, she wakes up with her in the back of a truck. Soon, they end up in a car crash and soon after believing that the baby died, attempts to kill Jane in a fight at a rest area and will succeed if Clementine chooses not to shoot Kenny.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This article is about the second season of the Video Game. A version of Season 2 will be released for the Nintendo Switch. Contents [ show ]. Starring Also Starring. Asari Reiter. NickRandall wrote: Here is the blank you need to fill in. Godzillafan wrote: CloseTheThreads T Retrieved from " https: Community Messages has been updated. Nick Breckon Andrew Grant. Nick Breckon. Pierre Shorette.

Petty Eric Stirpe. Nick Breckon Pierre Shorette. How To Unlock. River Runs Cold. Arrived at the shore. Complete Chapter 3. Found a campsite. Complete Chapter 4. On the Path. Met new people. Complete Chapter 6. Now What? Arrived at the cabin. Complete Chapter 7.

Got what you needed. Complete Chapter 8. Took care of yourself. Complete Chapter 9. Headed Out. Headed out with the group. Complete Chapter Split Decision. Completed "All That Remains". New Morning. Helped someone through a difficult time. The Intruder. Talked to a stranger. Moving On. Over the Bridge. Found a way across the water. A Stranger. Met someone on a bridge.

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Old Friends. Made it to the ski lodge. Past Midnight. Settled things with a new friend. Completed "A House Divided". Fresh Fish. Arrived at your new home. Long Way Down. Witnessed a murder. One Long Day. Made it through your first day. Always the Quiet Ones. Committed larceny. Generally favorable reviews - based on 27 Ratings. See all 8 Critic Reviews. See all 5 User Reviews. Walking Dead: The Game - Season 2 iOS. Telltale Games Release Date: Dec 17, User Score. Your Score. Rate this:. Log in to finish rating Walking Dead: The Game - Season 2.

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Genre s: Action , General Cheats: Critic Reviews. Score distribution:. Slide to Play. All this publication's reviews Read full review. The Game Season 2 gives us more of a great thing with greater refinement to the aspects that made the game stand out in the first place. Gamereactor Denmark. More of the same. More fighting that feels more like quick time events. More choices. More jerky animation. More great story telling. More nagging doubt. No need to complain if you loved the first season. Telltale Games delivers a great start to a new season despite the usual shortcomings.

Though this first chapter feels particularly short, the emotional conflict which resonated throughout season one of The Wallking Dead is definitely back in season two. A promising start. Pocket Gamer UK. Season Two - All That Remains isn't the barnstorming start that you may have been hoping for, but the story still has plenty of places to go.