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We are a close-knit team. This morning, Ms. Carlyle-Price came. She wanted it to be me, who takes care of her. I like to think she likes me She is very nice, her husband owns half of Hampshire, but she is not haughty unlike some other ladies. Question - What is a "crinoline"? Answer - A structure designed to support a dress Gift: Well deserved promotion March 7, Dear diary, you'll never guess what happened today.

I myself struggle to believe it and that's why I have to write these words on paper. Maybe it will make the thing real. I got a promotion. I had to deliver some packages to Ms Stratford, and I feared that her husband complained about me again. Elise came to tell me that Mr. Parker wanted to see me in his office. I was pretty sure I was going to be fired, after the incident yesterday with Miss Faraway about which I have no regrets. But in fact, not at all. Despite the complaint by Miss Faraway, Mr. Parker has decided to give me a promotion. Apparently I got the support of Ms.

Carlyle-Price and many other clients that I served during the past year. Mr Parker could not keep me in the women's fashion department, so as not to incur the wrath of Lord Faraway, but he pointed, that he would make me the head of a new event department he had just created. He finds that I have the interpersonal skills, though, he said, I still have to work on my patience. Question - A promotion is often accompained by Answer - A pay rise Gift: Birthday Party July 31, Dear diary, I never thought my life could become mundane.

I spend most of my time organizing receptions and balls, private shopping and wedding meals. I know, its been a while since the last time I entrusted myselfe to you, it is because my work takes much of my time. Mr Parker asked me to privatize the tea room and organize a party for the birthday of his wife. Organize a birthday party for the boss's wife is not a little thing. What would someone who has everything like?

Baptiste and Elise showed me an italian speciality, they discovered during their honeymoon: This is extremely good, there are many fragrances. So I organized an afternoon full of sweets for Mrs. Parker and her friends, with pastries carts and of course: I even brought an authentic Italian ice cream for the occasion.

I think they liked it because I only heard laughter throughout the afternoon. In the end, Miss Parker came in person to thank me for the work I had done. My cheeks became a fire red, I think you could have confused me with strawberry pie. Question - Which of those teas is not of British origin? Answer - Matcha Gift: Finally independant November 12, Dear diary, my new job as advertising director of? Dolls Happiness? But I have to see the bright sides of it. Being so enroled by my professional obligations, I did not have much opportunitys to spend my wages.

So I left the staff quarters in the store to move into my own apartment! What joy! Finally independence! However, this gives me a strange feeling: I have not lived alone for a long time and evenings are really empty without my friends to chat. But I console myself having lunch with them at work, and also with the beautiful view I have of the city from my bedroom window.

Well, one can say that I have made my way. Question - This French store animates it's window displays for christmas and thus attracts millions of tourists: Answer - Les galeries Lafayette Gift: The incident March 15, Dear diary, a more disturbing thing happened in the evening. I do not understand. Is there something in my attitude that could make him believe that this kind of attention was desired? Fact is that Mr.

Parker came to see me in my chambers tonight. A little surprised by his visit I let him in. And he kissed me!!! Ok, he seemed to have a few drinks, but this kind of behavior should have some kind of a basis, right? They say that alcohol lowers inhibitions, it surely means that through its over-consumption of wine and other liquors, he found the courage to express his repressed feelings.

Anyway I pushed him away. Although I have great admiration and sympathy for this man, this surly is no love. And he is married anyway! When I think of his wife, I just remember her kindness Answer - Mr Selfridge Gift: New Horizons December 24, Dear diary. Today I got a little Christmas gift for myselfe!

This afternoon I delivered my resignation letter to Mr Parker. The tension was always palpable since that night in my apartment. I do not know if he is ashamed or what but he treats me differently since. Anyway, I have a clear conscience! So I decided to resign to focus on my own projects and my own ambitions. I have enough savings to take the boat tomorrow. I'm going to try my luck in New DollCity! With the experience I have gained at Dolls Happiness, I will open my own store!!!

Thanks laura for spotting that!! I fixed it! Thanks Angel for last quest's guide and rheasilvia for posting this new quest's guide. You two are super duper awesome! Thanks Rheasilvia for letting me finish the guide: Fashion Week Store Used: Fashion Shop Two Endings? Yes - Sewing Workshop and extension if you do both endings. Total Cost: And this year it's my turn! Usually I watch it on TV to know what's going on in terms of latest fashion trends but this year I'll see everything live how cool is that?!

I'm very impatient to fly to Paris, France. But first I have to finish packing my luggage. It's very hard to make a choice! I'll be in the midst of big fashion names, making a fashion faux-pas there would be the worst! Bonus 1: What is the Fashion Week? Designers present their new creations during this time. Ohmymag is a very popular Magazine, and thus I got a place at the first line between Stars and Fashion Bloggers! The Sbegins and I'm fascinated by the fabrics, dancing around the Topmodels legs.

Some of them remind me of my high shool years, when I dreamt about being a Fashion Designer and when I would watch every Fashionshow on TV. Young me didn't see the interest of those creations with plenty of holes in the fabric back then. Where does the Fashion Week traditionally begin? New York Gift: Ethnic Collection Not being able to understand Fashion Design at this young age, I turned to a more classical makeover.

I planned on seeing as many live shows as I possibly can, it will be a real marathon but it'll be worth it. Today will be a promising ready-to-wear show that will surely give me loads of new ideas! And there will be a nice ethnic ambiance at one of the shows of this afternoon.

I hope to see some of those colorful pieces at the Ethnic Store one day! Every single piece would add up to a wonderful ensemble. In which city can you find Haute Couture as well as ready-to-wear fashion? Paris Gift: Ready-to-wear Marathon My marathon day coninues with a tornado of safari motives, jean jackets, colorful heels and photograph flashes. With so many brilliant ideas, I'm filling my notebook in no time with sketches of dresses and remarks. It's all so inpiring! When was the first Fashion Week of Paris? Moving night Alright, one last Fashionshow and I'm off to bed!

The moment I'm pulling up my blanket, Mirandas Assistent is calling. I have an appointment the next afternoon. One of the new Designers agrees to show me his Workshop! In my dreams I'm on the catwalk, wearing the most astonishing pieces of art until I fall right in front of Anna Wifour who was within the spectators.

How many Haute Couture Collections are presented each year?

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Sewing workshop I spend my afternoon in Joseph's Workshop. He's an unknown Designer so far but I'm sure this will change really fast as soon as people have seen his creations! I love the atmosphere of places like these! The buzz, the colors, the fabrics everywhere, the pearls and rope displayed on the walls. It's magic. I see two assistants working on a complex pearl motive of one of the dresses, what a patience they have!

Almost like tibetian monks, drawing their sand mandalas. Luckily, there won't be anything destroyed here in the end! What is "tatting"? A handcrafting technique. Step 7a: Behind the Scenes I've always wanted to see what happens behind the scenes at a Fashionshow! Everyone is in a big hurry and there are dresses hanging everywhere and neverending lines of shoes and jewelry who will soon sparkle under the spotlights. And the hairstylers, makeup artists, models, photographers, assistants etc who run around!

I almost don't know where to stand to not be too much in the way! It seems chaotic but in fact it's all very organized very precisely. Everyone knows their role and their place. It's almost like watching a busy ballet, very impressive. At the end of the show there's a big applause and champagne for the successfull Fashionshow!

To a new collection as wonderful as this one! He's probably one of my favourite Designers! None of his collections ever deceived me and this one is even more beautiful then the previous ones! The Secret Garden Store Used: Flowers Shop Two Endings? Yes - the Park Room. An unnexpected inheritance At the end of january I got a very surprising visit. A notary came over to my small london flat to tell me that the uncle of the aunt of the third cousin by marriage of my mother deceased and had no other living heir except me. So I get his manor on the countryside!

Needless to say this is a dream coming true! I pack my things and immediately travel to the place, to discover "my" new property. Answer - Thornfield Hall Gift: Welcome to DollManor It was a big building, cold and sinister, lost in the middle of some fields. I'm sure it used to be a beautiful manson once, but with the savaged garden, the squeaking doors an the wind howling in the hallways, this seemed like an old haunted house.

But the worst part was actually Mrs Winters, my uncle's governess. A sour woman with pale skin and a gaze that could freeze your blood. Even if having a manor was always my dream living in a castle like a princess , I had to face the reality: The maintenance of such an abode is prohibitively expensive. I could never afford it wih my small florist salary, so I decided to sell the manor. Question - In the movie "The Secret Garden" from , which actress is playing the castle's governant? Answer - Maggie Smith Gift: Never ending winter Three weeks already since the manor is for sale and there were only very few visits.

I even hired Stefano Piazza, the famous estate agent from TV who could sell the worst ruins in just a few days. I strolled around in the snowy alley when suddenly I realised that it's already march 23th! Spring should have come long time ago, but there is no trace of young buds or even birds who would sing in the trees. So I decided to follow Mr Piazza's advice and do my best to fix this manor up, so people would be more interested in buying it.

Question - The sound birds make is called? Answer - Tweet Gift: Winter garden First step: The winter garden. It was gorgeous! Beautiful art nouveau windows and marble plates on the floor. As a florist, it can't be that difficult to refurbish a veranda after all! I bought some seeds at the marketplace from the next village with some bags with garden mold and started my work!

As I cleaned the marble plates, I discovered a hidden trapdoor, revealing an underground corridor when I opened it with all my strenght. Curious by nature, I decided to check where it leads. Question - Winter gardens were very popular in The underground Surprisingly it was neither cold nor moist down here, although it was pretty dark. Illuminating the corridor with my smartphone, I could see roots growing down on either side of the hallway. They seemed half frozen though, very strange I picked up a little, very old looking key from the ground and eventually entered a big room that was illuminated by thousands of fireflies!

On the other end was an antique tapestry representing fairies and nature. It was beautiful. Suddenly I heard a small voice behind me "Help us! Save us! I hesitated for a moment, but then decided that such tiny creatures can not be evil and thus I let them out. The three fairies thanked me and explained that they have been captured by the big Spring Fairy who has been captured herself by an evil witch who's responsible for the eternal winter on the property. Question - Which famous composer wrote violin concertos for the four seasons?

Answer - Antonio Vivaldi Gift: The Mausoleum The fairies brought me to the other side of the tunnel and told me that they could not follow me above the undergrounds, but there was a mausoleum in the garden that could be opened with the key I had found. Then the big Spring Fairy would be liberated. Crawling back up through the roots, I landed in a beautiful garden with blooming white flowers and ice crystals that reflected the daylight, painting little rainbows. At the end of a small alley lied the mausoleum, covered in brambles. Luckily I had kept my garden gloves on, so getting to the entrance and clearing the key hole wasnt't all too painful.

I unlocked the heavy door and it flipped open with a strong air draft.

Articles filed under Gurnee

Suddenly there were footsteps behind me. I turned around and looked at Mrs Winters furious gaze. And in a snowy wind she disappeared, probably travelling to the North Pole. Question - Which one doesn't fit in the list? Answer - Estate Gift: Much awaited resurgence As soon as the witch disappeared, the Spring Fairy appeared in front of me. I have been locked in this mausoleum for many years now. As a reward for your help, dovahkiin, I will transform this garden into the garden of your dreams?

The snow melted, the ice disappeared, the sky opened up and golden sunlight dropped on young blades of grass and delicate buds. I wanted to thank the fairy but she already disappeared in the nature. The manor has been sold only a few days later. And with the money I got from it, I opened my own flower shop! Space Opera Store Used: The overpopulation and missing resources were about to wipe out humanity. The peoples governments joined forces to send colonies into space. Several planets out of our solar system have been transformed, so that human life can be possible on them.

Terra Dollis. This is my home. I never knew earth, I was born and grew up here. My parents are stock breeding since several generations. We're in the year and I'm bored. I'm dreaming of adventure. I want to travel in space like our ancesters did. Question - Which of these ficional stories does talk about terraformation?

Answer - Star Wars Gift: Dragonfly The Dragonfly arrived this morning. It's a spaceship my dad is trading with. It looks a bit pitiful but the crew is the best one around. I directly went to see the captain, to see if they would hire me. I'd do anything to leave this backwater, I would even swab the deck.

But the captain tells me that the only way to get on board was to pay for the travel. I don't have any money, so paying will be a bit difficult here, therefore, I decided to wait until nightfall to sneak in through the air well. Answer - The Death Star Gift: Discovery Time goes by so slowly I have no clue how long I've been in this air shaft but I've already finished the book as well as the provisions I brought. Everything is quiet, so I decide to raid the canteen. Lucky me, there's no one around. I take as much food as I can carry and hurry back to my hideout I think I got lost in this labyrinth of corridors.

All of a sudden, i hear a loud noise and the floor gives in under my feet. Well, as long as they're laughing, they might not want to kick me overboard. You can stay, but you'd better not mess around if you don't want to be left behind on an asteroid. Watson will show you around Watson is the captain's right-hand-woman. Qusetion - What is the name of those "holes" in space that allow you to travel faster than the speed of light? Answer - Wormhole Gift: A long trip Travelling in a cabin is way more comfortable than in the air well. I get to know everyone from the crew. There's Mrs Watson the captains right hand, Mr Watson the pilot I didn't know they were married , Jaime the crew's muscles, Kylie the mechanician, Sean the crew's physician and his sister Summer, Book the local priest and the beautiful Elena, a courtesan.

They're all very nice in their own way and stick together like a family. I'd love to be part of a group like this one day. In a few hours we have a quick stop at Neo Dollia, the captain has an appointment with one of his traders. I tried to find out more but no one wanted to talk about it. Something's wrong here and nobody trusts me enough to talk to me, so I spend the evening at the spaceship's bathroom, the only luxus I can benefit from.

Question - Te crew of the "Dragonfly" is inspired by which TV series? Answer - Firefly Gift: As for myself, I'm with the captain, Jaime and Mrs Watson for this mysterious appointment. We're heading to a nice building downtown that seems to be a bar. It's full of strange looking creatures. The captain's contact finally arrives after some waiting time. Honestly I can't tell if this huge, green, toga wearing alien is male or female.

They engage in a serious conversation in a language I seem to be the only one to not understand and apparently find an agreement. They shake hands but at that moment, police officers of the Galactic Alliance jump out of nowhere and arrest us. I don't understand! I'll explain later. Question - Which of there terms does not fit in the Star Wars setting? Answer - Caprica Gift: The choice My first adventure and I end up in a prison The captain tells me that the trader was a frequent business partner and that they usually transport prohibited merchanndise for him. But this time it obviously was a trap and he sold them to the Galactic Alliance who's been after them for years already.

After some time, I get taken out of the cell. They want me to betray the crew and offer me a nice reward for doing it. Otherwise I might well spend the next twenty years in prison for a crme I've never comitted. Tough choice. Answer - Darth Vader Gift: Step 7A: Back to Terra-Dollis I'm admitting everything, telling the police officers exacly what the captain told me just minutes before.

There's no way I'm gonna pay for something I'm not even involved in. Adventure doesn't seem to be my thing. People are way too badly behaved. I prefer to live the adventures by readig them in books in the beautiful mansion the Alliance offers me. Pursuit in the Nebulae Are you out of your mind? I would never EVER betray my friends! I hear a big explosion and see the captain and the others run down the hallway to my interrogation room "shepard, this way!!!

She might look pitiful but we got away! From now on I am officially part of the crew! We'll live many great adventures together, I can feel it! Welcome to the Hamptons Store Used: Elite Dollz Two Endings? Yes - Villa Elite or extension only if doing both or the 2nd ending. Engagement Dan and I met for the first time four years ago, on the banks of the University.

He was in the wrong class and sat next to me. We sympathized, he made me laugh. We had a date, then two, then three and here we are now. I'm assistant editor for a major fashion magazine, he's a young ambitious lawyer. We're going to get married. Dan proposed to me last night, he arranged a romantic dinner on the terrace of our beautiful apartment of DollzCity. So we leave for the Hamptons as our first journey as a bride and groom, a region on the coast, known to be the privileged place of the privileged.

We will announce our engagement to his family. Question - The Hamptons are located: Mother-in-law and me After a roadtrip of a few hours, we arrive in the summer residence of Dan's family. We turn into the great portal, go around the magnificent pool, and stop in front of the House. Dan said it was a "simple small summer residence" For me 7 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 2 lounges, a pool house and a helicopter airstrip, it is far from small.

We are then greeted by Dan's parents. My future in-laws. His mother Jacqueline, a famous art dealer and philanthropist, father William, an influential politician and his sister Helena, who has just finished high school. I'm a little nervous. Jaqueline and I never very got along well. She is very possessive towards her son and this gave some very hectic family meals. Question - What is a "philanthropist"? Answer - Someone participating in a lot of charity work Gift: Awkward dinner To celebrate our arrival, Jacqueline organized a dinner in the beautiful dining room of the villa.

I had hoped an intimate setting to announce our engagement but now I find myself in the company of a dozen other wealthy couples, which I do not know half the names of. Seeing my embarrassed air, Dan decided to make the announcement himself. He seems at ease in this environment.

But noone seems to judge me for my modest origins, my professional success seems to impress much more. They welcome us all, even if I think to feel some sadness and disapproval in Jacqueline, I think that anyway she wouldn't even be happy with the Princess of Monaco as her sons bride. After the main course I finally recognize this young man, sitting at the other end of the table. It is John! We went to school together, when we were little. I am surprised to see him here.

After dinner Dan and I see him back to his car. I do the presentations, take news. John inherited the bar of his father a few years ago and is very successful with it. He's now the head of a hundred establishments across the country. He is divorced, has a little girl who lives with him. It is crazy how time has passed. Question - How is it called, when the courses are brought to the table one after the other? Nightmare shopping session Jacqueline exhausts me. It is supposed to be a party for Dan and me, not for Dan and her. She chose everything, the date, the place, the guests Everything I wanted was a simple wedding, with just the close family, and now we are left with guests.

But I take it on me, Dan loves his mom. So I decided to make a small session of shopping in her company, so we can get to know each other a bit better. We meet at South Hampton. What is not my surprise to see Jacqueline and ten daughters of her friends, more or less my age, who she explains me to be my bridesmaids. She takes me with the bunch of strangers to a boutique of wedding dresses. She chose everything and she also wants to choose my own dress at my place? I get into the dress that she has set aside and turn me to place myself in the mirror. The dress is beautiful, Pink Pearl, a real haute couture dress.

But I don't feel very comfortable There is a ton of tulle on it but that doesn't hide much, you can almost see my body below!

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  8. No, there is no way I'm going to wear this, and besides, I always wanted to get married in white. Question - Which Queen started the fashion to wear a white dress at your wedding in the XIXth century? Answer - Victoria Ist Gift: The confrontation On the way back, the atmosphere is tense. Jacqueline has noticed that I was not a fan of her choice. We get out of the car, Dan comes to greet us in the parking lot. It is the moment that I choose to tell them that I appreciate all the efforts, that I understand that Jaqueline wants to be involved, but I really have the impression of being excluded.

    Jacqueline breaks, I can see a glimmer of hatred in her eyes. Certainly I do not understand this woman. What was she thinking? Let her control my marriage and my life? Dan seemed surprised to see his mom like this, but he immediately took my side. He explains calmly but firmly to his mother that now it is me who will take the decisions of the marriage, she may give her opinion if asked, and that otherwise, we will simply celebrate without her. I love him so much. We return in silence to the House, Dan takes me by the hand and leads me to the garden.

    All our friends are here, Dan hosted a small party to cheer me up. He's really wonderful. There are all my girl friends from University. It is they that I want as my bridesmaids, not all these unknowns that Jacqueline has invited to what was supposed to be a simple intimate shopping session.

    I feel reassured, my worries are like blown away and I spent a wonderful evening. Question - Which one doesn't fit? Answer - Mother-in-law Gift: My hen party A few weeks have passed, the marriage preparations are well advanced. The wedding is in one month now. Tonight is my hen party, with all my friends. Dan also will have his stag party at the same time with his mates from University.

    I arrived on the scene, the bar is called the "sailorshea and John's". I am extremely surprised. My best friend Lisa greets me, telling me that when they saw the name of the bar, they immediately thought that it was a sign that we should have my hen party here!

    Inside, John is at the bar, preparing cocktails for everyone. We exchange a look.

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    Lisa, Sophie and all the others prepared a series of funny and more or less elegant games. Lots of laughter, lots of alcohol, until the end of the night. About 2 o'clock in the morning, the girls are completely round and half asleep on the dance floor. John and I are discussing, we are catching up the lost time. It's crazy, it's as if we never left eachother. Any complicity between us from back then is still there. We decide to go out for a night ride on his sailboat, watch the sunrise over the sea. It's romantic.

    What is happening to me? It feels like butterflies in my belly, when our eyes meet, when our hands touch I don't know where I am! At dawn we return to port, join the others before they wake up and realize that we have disappeared. Question - What is a "bachelorette"? Answer - An english word to describe a single, unmarried woman Gift: John I'm going to see Dan, I tell him he's wonderful, but I can't marry him. Seeing John again, gave me feelings I forgot for a long time. Dan is comprehensive, he's really perfect, and I have no doubt that one day he will find someone to share his life with, someone who will make him really happy and who will also get along with his mother.

    I settle with John. We live together for a few months now, I get on very well with his adorable little girl, I really feel in the right place and I am very pleased. Dan I choose Dan, my feelings for John are not real. We are so different. With Dan, we do not need to talk, we almost read in the thoughts of the other. I'm going to the end of my choices and I married Dan in a beautiful ceremony on the beach. Jacqueline several times expressed regret that the ceremony is not filmed but I don't care. It is a marriage that resembles Dan and me, romantic and intimate.

    And a new life begins. Total cost: We only get the room if we do the second ending? Yes, if you want the room you have to choose the 2nd ending Dan or do both endings. Swan Lake Store Used: Music store Two Endings? My passion I loved to dance since I was a little girl.

    I started at the age of three. My parents included me in a beginners course and I immediately fell in love with it. Passion has never left me since. I won many dancing competitions, and I was able to get into the world's best school of classical dance.

    Today, after having spent many years in prestigious ballet companies, I decided to get a new challenge: Question - Which country did ballet originally come from? Answer - Italy Gift: The Casting Today's the casting. I have no idea what it will be about, as the producers want to keep the secret, only people who succeed the cast will get to know the actual play. It's exciting! Together with some 30 other candidates, we have to wait in a room. The casting will be done by groups of ten. I brought my lucky charm outfit, let's hope that it will bear fruit!

    I can't tell if I danced good or bad. I leave my CV to the casting director, he puts it on a pile with 50 others and smiles at me. Thank you I know what that means. Question - Which job does not require an audition? Answer - Technician Gift: Three days have passed since my audition. I am alone at home, a Saturday night, eating a Takeaway while watching a "Doll wants a Man" episode. Pathetic you say? I get depressed. I so wanted this job! Even for a small backgrund role, at least it would have added a line to my CV.

    The phone rings. I answer the mouth full of chips. I attended your audition a few days ago and I wanted to tell you that we have a place for you in our new production if you're still interested. If I'm still interested? Of course! I try to keep cool and accept the offer. Answer - undressed Gift: Rehearsal First day of rehearsals.

    I go to the theatre with public transport. If there is one thing I never missed during my inactivity, it's to take the subway. I arrive at the theater where will be held the show, and where we have the rehearsals. It's impossible The Swan Lake? They will do a musical on the theme of the Swan Lake? It must be my experience of classical dance which has convinced them to take me. We have a meeting with the other dancers, most had a classical education, like me.

    I skim through the libretto, it is actually the Swan Lake but in a revised and corrected version, the end is very different from the original. Then we try on the costumes. Nothing extraordinary, I'll have a beautiful White Swan tutu. Question - What is a "libretto"? Answer - It's a booklet which contains the texts of a musical or liturgical work Gift: After several weeks of rehearsal: I'm with the other dancers and the members of the troupe. Our locker rooms are separated from those of the stars of the show.

    We have barely seen them during rehearsals and in a few minutes we will all be together on stage in front of five hundred people. I have never been as nervous in my whole life. I go down the stairs of the lodges and make my way through the backstage with all the technicians and the costumes. In a moment I will make my entrance. With the other dancers, we hold hands while the producer gives us a PEP talk. Answer - "stage right" and "stage left" Gift: Intermission The first scenes are passed, it is now the intermission.

    Siegfried found Odette, the beautiful Princess turned into a Swan by a terrible curse, and is in her her human form only after dark. I am one of the companions of the White Swan. All the fears I had before stepping on stage have soared in the first Pas de Deux. And yet with live Swans who are with us on stage, it was a bit of the magic recipe for the insured disaster.

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    I'm backstage with the other dancers. The Director just congratulated us for this first part, the first public reactions are very positive, he is delighted - and so am I. Because a happy audience means the show will go on, and with it will also my contract! On to the second act! Answer - Pas de Deux Gift: Black Swan It is soon the end of the show. This is a passage that I haven't rehearsed much but my partners guide me enough so that the public will not notice my lack of experience.

    As the character of Rothbart has been deleted from the piece, the great villain of our show is only Odile, Odette's look-alike. The production was smart to choose twins for these two female main roles. In this scene Siegfried admits his love by mistake to Odile, taking her for Odette, causing the death of the latter.

    He then confronts the witch, in the hope that her death will bring his sweetheart to life. It's so romantic. Question - Who composed the ballet "Swan Lake"? Answer - Tchaikovski Gift: Star All is well that ends well. I told you that they had decided to change the end. Once Odile dies, the curse ends and Odette comes back to life and becomes a Princess for ever. Our heroes end the story with a beautiful Duet, expressing their love. We look at each other, all smiling.

    On the other side, the audience applauds so hard that the ground almost shakes. The curtain opens again so that we can greet, there's even a standing ovation. The flowers are raining down on the stage. I am glad that my first experience is so successful! The Cannes Store Used: Cannes Shop Two Endings? Yes - Movie Star Room? Yes - the New-Lywood room or extension Talent? The Last Scene "And After weeks of exhausting filming, we have just completed the shooting of the latest film by Sarah Studios. This is not my first movie, but it is however my first lead.

    This might be the boost my career needs to finally take off. Question - Where can you find the biggest film studios worldwide? Answer - Hollywood Gift: Exciting news The Director of the film offered us a nice evening tonight, in a bar, to spend some quiet time all together one last time before the release of the film in a few weeks. Elaine and Josh are my on screen partners. A few cocktails, a game of pool, the laughs are to go. Jessica Winston, the Director of Doll Tales jins us a little later.

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